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14-11-2012Match Rybka Cluster tegen Houdini 3 (update: R2 toegevoegd)

Vandaag gelezen op de Houdini Facebookpagina:

"Houdini 3 - Rybka Cluster: 1-0 !

Some members of the German CSS-forum are organizing a show match between Houdini 3 on 16 cores and the Rybka Cluster playing with 64 cores. Time control: 105 minutes + 15 sec/move.

Tonight was the first match, played from the opening position without opening book. That didn't prevent Houdini 3 from playing a standard Nimzo-Indian defense against the Cluster's que
en pawn opening - it's a testimony to the quality of current top engines that very good main-line openings are played without book.

Houdini 3 slowly outplayed the Rybka Cluster in the middle game, and with a couple of excellent moves that took the Cluster by surprise (37...Qe6! and 42...a5!!) it completely invaded white's fragile position.
A very fine performance by the world's #1 against the former world champion."

Hieronder kan je alvast de eerste partij naspelen.

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